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At Last! A Simple and Proven Way To Hire Committed, Competent
And Fully Engaged A-Players Who Are Self-Motivated, Contribute
To Your Bottom Line And Exceed Your Expectations

“Business is simple. People are complicated.”

~ Dan Lok
Most Dragons are so desperate for help, they mistake a person who is willing to help with someone who can actually get the job done.

I know because I’ve been there. It took me a long time, but I finally learned that just because you own a business, does not mean you know how to hire and manage people.

And, not knowing how to hire is costing you a fortune.

Making a great hire is not just about finding someone who’s willing to do what you need them to, it’s about knowing whether they can actually do what they say they’re going to.

It’s NOT about holding your breath, hoping to find a needle in a haystack, it’s about attracting the right candidates so you can pick from the best of the BEST.

It’s NOT about spending countless hours sifting through resumes, it’s about having a system that quickly and efficiently lets the cream rise to the top.

Regardless of what position you’re hiring for, the truth is when you hire someone you’re not paying them for their time, you’re buying back your own.

How would your business be different if:

  • You could trust your team to work efficiently without endless meetings and constant micromanagement?
  • You had a team of A-players instead of relying on one rockstar and stressing about what you would do if they quit?
  • You could stop taking back work and doing it over yourself because it’s not up to standard?

Introducing Talent Acquisition Service + Assessment Tool (Exclusive for Dragon 100™ Members Only)

Imagine if you use the same tool that we use for filtering out the wrong hires…
Imagine if you could tap into our experience of hiring the best talents…

Imagine if you know if their personality type is a right fit for the role BEFORE you pay them a dollar…

How Your Business Can Benefit:

Strategic Applications

  • Strategic Alignment
  • ​Talent Development
  • ​Employee Engagement
  • ​Success Planning
  • ​Mergers and Acquisitions

Tactical Applications

  • Hiring & Selection
  • ​On-Boarding
  • Management & Coaching
  • ​Team Building & Culture
  • ​Conflict Resolution

3 Options You Can Choose From:


$200 / month

(Ideal for a business with a small team and are looking to hire 1 - 3 people)
  • ​​50 assessments a year
  • ​Interpretation of what each assessment means
  • ​Advice on exactly how to put the right people in the right seat


$300 / month

(Perfect for a business that is scaling and are looking to hire 4 - 12+ people)
  • ​​200 assessments a year
  • ​Interpretation of what each assessment means
  • ​Advice on exactly how to put the right people in the right seat


$1,000 / month

(Perfect for hyper growth business that is looking to hire 13 - 50+ people)
  • ​​Unlimited assessments a year
  • ​Interpretation of what each assessment means
  • ​Advice on exactly how to put the right people in the right seat
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Talent Acquisition Service + Assessment Tool

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  • 50 assessments a year
  • ​​Interpretation of what each assessment means
  • Advice on exactly how to put the right people in the right seat
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